Home firebombed during anti-“Persepolis” protest


Tunisian extremists firebombed the home of a TV station’s chief late Friday to protest a broadcast of the Oscar-nominated 2007 animated film Persepolis.

About a hundred men besieged the home of Nabil Karoui, the head of private television channel Nessma, the station reported in its evening news bulletin. Some tossed Molotov cocktails at the home, located in the national capital of Tunis.

Tunisian broadcaster sorry for airing “Persepolis”


The president of a private Tunisian TV channel expressed regrets Tuesday over airing parts of the Oscar-nominated 2007 animated film Persepolis.

Friday’s broadcast led Tunisian police on Sunday to disperse a mob of angry conservative Salafists who were prepared to attack offices of the Nessma station for showing the movie. A crowd of 200 Muslims was dispersed before reaching the TV building.

Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film

Beauty and the Beast changed the way people looked at animated films. The success of this film lead to the creation of the Academy Award Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. It was first given out at the 74th Academy Awards, held on March 24, 2002. Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film nominations and […]

Hayek, Allers To Animate The Prophet

The Prophet

In an international work of collaboration, producers Salma Hayek, Clark Peterson and Ron Senkowski are being pre-production on an animated screen adaption of Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet.” Easily the poet’s most famous work, each of the chapters in the work will be directed by a different, respected animation director from around the world.